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In the sixth chapter of the book of Isaiah the Lord asks: “Whom shall I send?” He is the same today and He still calls, equips and sends.



God has an individual and a meaningful assignment just for you. Preparation for this task is crucial and builds up the foundation for you to see the heavenly plan fulfilled in your life. 



I challenge you to come to Bible School and separate a year for the Lord! The Word and the Holy Spirit together will bring about growth and change also in your life.

Tomi Lehto

President, RBI Finland


Programs of Study

1. Year

The River Bible Institute is designed for those who would like to pursue an in-depth study of the Bible and experience the glory of God. This program is not just for the full-time minister, but for all believers who want to know how to apply the Bible to their daily lives.

Persons enrolled in this program who successfully complete one academic year will earn a One Year Certificate of Completion.

2. year

The River Bible Institute’s two-year program was created as a training ground for those who sense a call into the Five-Fold ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. Persons enrolled in the two year program can train for ministry, pursue an intense study of the Bible, enhance their present skills, gain a deeper understanding of the things of God, learn how to better relate to people, and obtain invaluable instruction on Faith, the Holy Spirit, Bible Prophecy and other theological areas.

Persons enrolled in this program who successfully complete all required courses will receive an Associates Degree.

3. year

During the third year internship program you will work Revival Ministries International gaining a hands-on experience of the revivalist’s role as well as being placed under the tutelage of the pastoral team at the River Church Uusimaa to obtain a working knowledge of day to day operations in a church and ministry setting.


Persons enrolled in this program who successfully complete all required courses will receive a Bachelor of Ministry degree.


Statement of Purpose

The River Bible Institute programs exist for the purpose of training men and women in the spirit of revival for ministry in the 21st century. This is not just for the full-time minister, but for all of God’s people who are hungry for more. It is a place where the Word of God and the Holy Spirit come together to produce life, birth ministries, and launch individuals to fulfil the call of God.


The River Bible Institute program provides quality Spirit-filled biblical instruction, academic training, and practical education to men and women called into the Five-Fold Ministry. The ministry program also provides instruction for those who desire to become better equipped in other areas of Christian service.


River Bible School will help you find your calling, as well as Bible truths that you can apply in your daily life. Our vision is that every Christian will be fully equipped to live the victorious life God has for them!


River School of Worship


The River School of Worship is a unique training institution where excellence in musical gifting is developed alongside flowing in the anointing of God.


Students study a broad range of subjects including Music Theory, Vocal Mechanics, Band Lab, Worship Leading, and The Effective Team and Songwriting. Sessions are often highly practical plenty of opportunity for hands on learning. Students are trained in leadership and there is plenty of opportunity to put theory into practice.


Next intake is on August 21, 2023


RBI Faculty

Tomi Lehto

President, Teacher

Mika Rinkinen


Sanna Lehto

Dean, Teacher

Jenna Rinkinen


Marjut Järvinen


Pekka Hakanen


Jimmy Manalang


Sofia Hakanen


Rowena Manalang


Frequently asked questions

Apply online clicking here or call the River Bible Institute Office at +358(0)9-31542779.

You will receive a letter of acceptance e-mail.

The River Bible Institute welcomes the admittance of international students. In order to attend the River Bible Institute, all students must be able to read, write and speak the English or Finnish language. Other requirements may apply. 

The curriculum includes for example: Soul Winning, Stewardship, Blood Covenant, Faith, Eschatology, Matters of the Heart, Love Walk, Preparation for the Ministry, Christian Marriage & Family, and The Gifts of the Spirit.




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